Infant Boy


  • 6 Weeks - 11 Months

Each child has a specialized schedule according to their developmental level. We incorporate input from parents to match children’s home environment. Children are stimulated with colors, music, story time and cognitive tasks. Individualized lessons include: sound recognition, vocabulary, object recognition/object permanence (peek-a-boo), comprehension, mirror games, environmental exploration, walking and learning family members.

Toddler Girl


  • Age 1 to 2 Years

Each child grows through exploration and independence. At 12-months old, children begin the food program and daily academic schedule using the A Beka Christian Curriculum. Children express themselves in specialized centers such as dramatic play, science, art and music. Daily lessons include: speech and language, early literacy, math and science, creative arts, social/emotional development and physical fitness.

Two Year Old Girl

Two-Years Olds

  • Age 2 to 3 Years

Each child grows through self-expression and peer interaction. At two-years-old, children work on potty-training, following directions, social skills and uses the A Beka Christian Curriculum. Our children advance in art, dramatic play and fine motor skills through block and puzzle centers. Daily lessons include: basic concepts for comparing and contrasting, shape and color recognition, parts of the body, reading one new book each week, story character comprehension/recognition, rhyming, counting, singing, dance, weather, independent play and advancing in personal care.

Three-Year-Old Girl

Three-Year Olds

  • Age 3 to 4 Years

Each child grows through communication and decision-making skills. At three-years-old, our children follow the A Beka Christian Curriculum that provides mastery in learning the alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes. Daily lessons include: attentive listening, basic colors, telling stories with pictures, sorts objects by color, size, and shape, block design, advanced fine motor skills (various writing tools), detailed drawings, music exercises, learns and verbalizes feelings, self-portrait, writes name and also reads two new books per week.

Four-Year-Old Boy

Four-Year Olds

  • Age 4 to 5 Years

Each child is prepared with the skills required for success in kindergarten. At four-years-old, our children are introduced to the A Beka Christian Curriculum that focuses on the alphabet, numbers and acquiring math, writing and reading skills. Our children advance in free play in centers designed around math, science and art. Daily lessons include: family life, age & time, sequential stories, taking turns, question/answer comprehension, sorting letters and numbers, 20-piece puzzles, reproduction of patterns, ABC’s by memory, counting beyond 50, grouping objects, measurement, block design, classroom helper assignments and understanding the needs of others.